Vikki & James

Vikki & James

The Park Royal

Hi, everything went lovely and smoothly! Loved every minute :) really very tired today but getting ready for honeymoon ... thank you both very much :) xxx
— Vikki & James

Vikki's first words to us where about being concerned about organza sashes being worn as head dresses on the night.  We were able to reassure her that actually this happens quite a lot!

Vikki & James wanted gentle romance as the theme, choosing a blush pink and pure white theme.  Vikki was a Pinterester and came up with a few things she wanted producing.

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image

Place Settings

Festival HQ's image

Festival HQ's image

We had to go slightly larger with the ceramic hearts because Vikki & James wanted full names to go on there.  Vikki also wanted the floral to be smaller and one white rose, with ribbon to match the floaty blush organza she had used on her wedding invitations

Mr & Mrs Carpenter

Mr & Mrs Carpenter

Vikki & James had meticulously planned their items and had sourced some products themselves, including a table plan and welcome sign.  Vikki did all of her own stationery and I have to say did a beautiful job!  Sometimes brides and grooms wish to do more of the planning and sourcing themselves.  This is fine with us.  We can do as little or as much as you want us to.  We have a small charge of up to £100 inclusive to set up on the day if you are using products that have not been sourced or made by us.  However, this was not relevant for the Carpenters because they had hired our table top easels.


Table Centrepieces

Again Vikki & James had a clear idea of what they wanted, with a few changes incorporated.  

The image of the three candles is on a gold plate, which did not fit with their theme. They wanted silver.  Also they wanted a rose either side and some gypsophila to go with the top table florals (provided by Daisychain florist) and within the bride and bridesmaid's flowers.

This is such a simple but elegant look to recreate and we love it when someone comes to us with such a clear picture of what they like and don't like.  Makes our job really easy.

The only challenge was to match the pinks with the bridesmaid's dresses for the rose.  You would not believe how many shades there are of blush pink out there!

Pinterest Image

Pinterest Image


These two Pinterest finds just look so pretty together and when you combine them with the gorgeous Acrylic floating numbers that our friend Sam Curran, at Crave Engrave, manufactured for us, the overall effect is floaty and romantic.  Add in scented candles to keep the fragrance in the room gentle and sweet, and you have the feel that Vikki and James were trying to achieve. Macaroon favours for the adults and love hearts for the children, just added to the soft palette of the table.  


Table Tutus


The bride's dress had a lovely overlay of tulle creating a floaty feel, and that is exactly what she wanted to create for the bar tables.  We utilised our lovely friend Lisa Mitchell, Seamstress, to create a gorgeous floaty tutu, to match the bride's gown perfectly.

A few finishing flourishes helped to make the bride and groom's day perfect, with a gorgeous cake, a sweet stall and some scatter crystals.  Never underestimate the finishing touches like scatter crystals or confetti on the tables.  It makes a simple white tablecloth look so pretty to have a few sprinkles and sparkles.


And then day becomes night before you know it.  In this happy couple's case, that meant the room was overlaid with the night time elements, where six tables became 12 and an LED dance floor was brought in through our supplier Matt Rooney from MTR Productions, along with his fabulous photo booth.  Bearing in mind Vikki's concern about sashes being worn as head dresses she decided that instead of having the evening fully sashed, she would alternate them as seen in the picture below.  


It is not always necessary to have coloured uplighters, sometimes fairy lights do the job just perfectly.  And that's what we did here.  That, combined with the candlelit tables and our very own LOVE letters, gave a gorgeous light to dance the night away.  

Matt from MTR Productions remained on site all night for us, to make sure that the photo booth pictures were excellent.  And as you can say they had great fun with not a head sash in sight!


A fabulous night to celebrate Mr & Mrs Carpenter.  Congratulations to you both.