The Sing Along Waiters

Here at Festival HQ we love our suppliers.  It is our absolute pleasure to introduce Darren and Maurice from The Sing Along Waiters.  Like Lara and I, they share a lifelong friendship which gives them a shorthand that comes through in the act, instinctively knowing where the other one is going, giving them flow and intimacy for a fabulous family occasion. They are the perfect way to entertain your guests and to smooth the transition from day to evening and of course are both utterly lovely to chat to and work with.  A massive welcome and thank you for the blog lovelies.

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So what are surprise secret singing waiters?

This a question we get asked all of the time, so to try and help give you an idea of how it all works, we would like to give you an insight into "A day in the life" of The Sing Along Waiters and also hopefully dispel some myths about singing waiters in general and then hopefully you will get the "jist" of what it's all about!

The Arrival

When we arrive at the venue we head straight to the room manager for the event (we will have already liaised with them over the phone prior to discuss finer details including logistics of the room and uniform etc.). The trick here is not to be seen by any of the guests. The surprise element is one of the most important parts of the show, so during this part of the day we are extremely paranoid and take every step not to be seen which involves us sneaking around quite a lot, although it can be quite exciting and make us feel a bit like spies :)

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The Set Up

We still have to remain incognito and set up our audio equipment (or P.A as it's more commonly known) and test the sound in secrecy. Sometimes this can be tricky and we have to move quickly as the guests may be in the next room but fortunately, we have been in the entertainment business for over 20 years, so we could probably set up our equipment with our eyes closed (although we never have).

The Fun Bit

Prior to the reveal, we get the opportunity to get up close and personal with the guests and have some fun by interacting with them. Sometimes we serve champagne or canapés during a drinks reception and usually serve starters and desserts during the wedding breakfast or meal as we "warm up" during the main course and Darren has spilt gravy over himself far too many times to be trusted! 

This part of the event is where we get to see who is lively and who isn't, once we begin some people love to just watch and take it all in but most want to get involved with the show and join in with the fun! We are quite lucky as we have a knack of reading the audience and planning what will happen before we even start.

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The Reveal

Some singing waiter acts start with either an argument (NO) dropping of cutlery or plates and then an argument (hmmm?) or will just start singing (boring) but we like to add some levity to the proceedings and as we have been a vocal comedy double act for over 20 years (we were even in the same class at school). Our favourite way to start is by delivering a speech that is bespoke to the client and gets the crowd laughing, it’s important to keep the atmosphere happy as it would be hard to get the crowd on your side if you have just upset them!

The Performance

This is where we are let loose on the unsuspecting audience and perform songs that will have people singing, dancing and joining in, with everything from musical theatre to classic sing-a-long tunes! We put a lot of hard work into a short space of time to make sure that every member of the audience is involved, from the youngest to the oldest, there really is something for everyone. We see it as our personal responsibility that the entire crowd leaves having been entertained, the show is about creating special memories that will have everyone talking about it for the rest of the day and for days (and weeks) after. 

Once the performance is over, we always stick around for a chat with the client/organiser to make sure that they are happy with how everything went and have pictures taken with the bride and groom or whoever is celebrating. 

And that is pretty much it! everything sounds so simple when you explain it and really, it should be straight forward, we put a lot of effort into the build up to make sure the fine details are covered so that when we begin the performance, everything goes perfectly to plan.

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Over the years we have also found that there are a few myths regarding Singing Waiters and with so many to choose from, how can you know you have picked the right ones? Well firstly not all shows are the same, so lets try and clear a few things up!

"Singing Waiters Are REALLY Expensive"

While some shows do charge what we consider to be very high fees, this is not the case for every show, we know we are very competitive and when you compare what you pay for other services at a wedding, we are actually very reasonable! Sometimes entertainment is overlooked or an afterthought but when you consider how much of an important role it can play in creating memories and a really happy atmosphere, it plays a much bigger part than you would maybe think. One thing we don’t do is put fees up for weddings, our fees are bespoke to the client and we take into account things like the month of the year and the day of the week, so unlike other services, we won’t add an extra ‘zero’ to a quote just because it’s a wedding!

"Don't Singing Waiters Just Sing Opera?"

Again this is not the case, every show is different, we have found if you just sing one style of music then the audience can become alienated and get bored quickly, so we sing different styles and genres so you literally don't know what's coming next, just to keep you on your toes.

"They Only Perform for a Very Short Time"

Our set is usually between 20 and 45 minutes (a lot of singing waiters acts only perform for 15-20 minutes) When at a wedding or corporate event there is usually lots of other things going on like speeches and awards, so we often have to think on our feet to be able to be flexible enough to fit within our clients needs. We can perform as long or as little as you want, we have lots of material and usually have so much fun that we sometimes lose track of time very easily!

"You Can only Hire Singing Waiters if you are Having a Meal"

Again, not true, we have performed at events where we serve just drinks and sometimes nothing at all! We a skilled at making ourselves look part of the team, so as long as the venue has staff then we can integrate with them, however, we have also performed at events where it’s just us and sometimes people want us to take on other roles like managers, chefs, guests and more, it can be quite fun with some of the requests we get!

"They Don't Actually Serve Food"

We always try and serve if we can as we feel it's the perfect way to "scope out" the audience. Some venues don’t allow us to get too involved but we are experts at making ourselves look busy! There are many acts that don’t get involved at all and will remain out of sight until they are due on stage but we always like to feel part of the team at a venue and we have made many friends over the years by doing this.

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So there you have it, we hope you have enjoyed this little insight into "a day in the life" of The Sing Along Waiters and if you have any more questions, let us know! You can see more of us by going to or visiting us on our different social media channels, which are listed below.


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Thanks again and hope to see you at a function very soon


Darren & Maurice x


A massive thank you to Darren and Maurice for sharing their videos and dispelling the myths behind booking entertainment.

Why not chat to us about having them entertain you and your guests? We know it is something that will keep the smiles ear to ear.

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Bespoke, creative solutions for your event needs

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