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Here at Festival HQ we meet a lot of suppliers, but only the best of the best make it to our supplier list.  


One of those people is our lovely guest blogger this evening.  So a massive Festival HQ welcome to Paul Cryer from In Love Wedding Films.  Paul has put together a few pointers for you all to make the film memories you take from the day, spectacular.

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Paul's tips

for the perfect wedding video flow

As a videographer, I want to ensure I capture the best parts of your wedding to keep the memories as fresh for you as the day you said "I do".  Here are some tips I have picked up over just a few of the weddings we have filmed, to help your highlights be absolute perfection.

Planning and Preparing with us

If we arrive with a list of the important things to you, it makes our job easier and will ultimately make your video the best it can be.  In the build up to your special day, talk to us.  The more we know about you the better we can use creativity to capture your moments.  As well as telling us anything that is really significant for you to capture, plan 10 minutes into your wedding day purely dedicated to getting the right shots for your video. We can normally work at the same time as your photographer but to give your video that special touch and intimacy, we now advise that couple moments, walking, chatting, laughing etc. can make your video much more personal to you.


Make sure you keep to time in your Bridal Prep and be in your dress/suit well before your ceremony time. If you’re not getting ready at the venue, your photographer and videographer will be wanting to get to your church a good 30 minutes before your ceremony to setup and get church shots. Therefore you’ll need to be ready 30 mins plus whatever the travel time to your venue is before the ceremony to help. the professionals capture the magic.

The Aisle

When you’re walking down the aisle, walk relatively slowly and if your bridal party are walking down infront of you, make sure they’re all the way up the aisle so you as the star of this moment don’t get lost behind them

The Speeches

Whilst we all like to say thank you to your special wedding party guests who have gone above and beyond to make the day special, it is a really good idea to limit gift giving in your speeches.  Most people love the personal touch so think about giving your gifts in the morning or later in the day personally.  Use your speeches to tell your wedding story, how you met and most importantly, to be the newlyweds in town. 

Wedding Breakfast

To have that relaxed feel, think about circulating with your guests for a welcome drink instead of an official line up. From a filming point of view, receiving lines are not as film-genic as you chatting with your nearest and dearest. From a timing point of view, losing what normally amounts to a good 30 minutes, is of benefit to you on your day and also, it makes your guests feel so much more special as you have sought them out to thank them for coming.


Once all the formal filming is done al that is left to do is raise a glass, cut the cake and get that all important first dance as a married couple.  We think if you stick to these tips, you will be thoroughly delighted with your captured memories.

As massive thanks to Paul for sharing his wealth of knowledge with us on how to create the perfect memories.  For more information or to contact Paul and the In Love Wedding Film team, please see:

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