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Whilst it is obvious that blush pinks and metallics are on trend and here to stay as Wedding colours, 2018 will be all about the pop of vibrance.  Themes remain quite consistent this year, with the focus staying on loose, informal happiness.  Here are just a few of our favourites colours and themes here at Festival HQ for 2018.



The year of colour


Purple is the go to colour this year for the on trend bride and groom.  Whilst Ultra Violet is the official colour of the year and widely considered to be the best shade for 2018, here at Festival HQ, we are loving all shades from the sublime lilacs right through to rich vintage plums.  As event planners we spend a lot of time at Fayres and Open Days doing our research in to the next big thing and we absolutely adore this series of tones to compliment the purity of the classic ivory or white wedding theme.  Contrasting deep purples with a damson shades and reds, bring to life a richness this spring, that is set to last throughout the year.  The beauty of purple is it is a year long colour, not just to compliment the colder months.  Not only that but it lends itself so well to the boho, macrame themed weddings that are so current.

Whether it is a pop of colour in your shoes or the bride's headdress or a sumptuous velvet suit, reflecting the relaxed style of current weddings, purple is a chameleon of a colour that radiates warmth and comfort, making for stunning photographs whatever the time of year.


Rustic woodland and green

Also bang on trend is the woodland themed wedding, which gives way for the gorgeous greens to come through with a backdrop of rustic wood and small white buds.  Again lending itself well to the boho themed weddings, the lush dark greens and contrasting minty eucalyptus, not only look great but make your venue smell dreamy.  Couple this with floating voiles and rich moss dressings, this trend is set to work throughout the year, combining with rich reds as the winter approaches.  Lara and I are so excited about using the rustic theme for one of our open days coming up and for several of our gorgeous couples throughout the year.  

Having worked with and sourced a lot of talented photographers recently, we are completely in love with the photographic possibilities with green, be it from the crushed velvet vintage sofa snaps, to the outdoors, fresh faced and natural shots in the grounds of your venue.  Green just seems to frame perfectly to give that delicate, ethereal feel to your special day.


Fresh and rustic with tweed tailored suits looks stunning for the country feel.  Combine this with natural elements such as hay bails to give your day a flow of nature.

IMG_2849 2.JPG

Dramatic Contrast

Flowers are going to become looser this year, with a greater degree of contrast.  Most of the lovely couples we are planning for at the moment are going for gentle combinations of ivory's with bold and striking colours flashed through.  But also for this year, consider the contrasting colours of Spring with the dried grasses and wheats of Autumn.  The result is a gorgeous blend of fragrance and imagery.


Whilst these colours look great against a white backdrop, why not consider, black tablecloths, to contrast the white crockery for a more dramatic look.  Whilst black is not a traditional wedding colour it is perfect to showcase a more vintage styled day.


Bang on trend are the other elements such as black starlit backdrops and dance floors to continue that drama throughout your wedding and to compliment the perfect colour pop, with a flash of light lifting the colour from simply dark to glamourous. 

80's neon

Also big this season, which we didn't expect to like at all, but actually love, is the introduction of neon in to the mix.  When a lovely lady we work closely first told me about this, we just could not picture it. Having seen it for ourselves, we are not only on board, but currently planning our next selfie station, with floristry work by the uber talented Lara, on a rustic backdrop, incorporating handmade lettering.  As this is literally so current, images are hard to find, so here is just a little taster of things to come with this trend.


The variety of colours available mean this flows with most schemes.

Our piece in production, designed specifically for a special event, will be unveiled mid April.  Think industrial mesh, with bespoke neon flex wording, surrounded by lush foliage and wood and you have an idea of the look we are championing.  Particularly gorgeous with wood or brick backgrounds, this theme will feature heavily for at least the next 18 months. 

Vintage colour pallet and decor

I don't think there is a time when vintage will go out of fashion.  Whilst the neon signage might be reminiscent of the 80's, 50's chic, combining fabrics such as lace and velvet is so very much of the now.  The beauty of this trend is that modern and vintage can be friends within your theme, created a unique and quirky flow to your day.

IMG_2858 2.JPG

In a world that travels so fast and is full of digital SLRs, there really is a beauty to being a Polaroid.  From alternative guest books, to rustic metals, again it is the contrast of the vintage colour base, that lends this theme so well to a wedding day.  The colours of the vintage theme so popular right now are almost Victorian in stature.  Gorgeous teals with contrasting reds look stunning in the right amount, to draw the eye to a vibrant pop.  We are currently planning a bridal photoshoot that does exactly this.

Vintage styling for your photography is also a must, with colour pops in your props and filters showcasing a classic elegance of times gone by.  This theme also compliments the geometrical shape trend, with candle holders and stands crammed with vintage mismatched florals.  After long period of clean lines and simplicity as the trend, this brings a visual delight to any space, indoor or out. 


We love the way that this blends in with this seasons macrame/dream catcher trend to soften the industrial influence to a more romantic, spiritual and gentle feel.  Adding healing crystals and geometrical glassware also helps to achieve this look.


Definitely a look which allows elegance and quirkiness to shine through.

Sweet treats

Over the last few years we have seen the growth of the sweet treats tables.  Whether it is pick and mix or donut walls, sweet treats are here to stay (but not for long).  This is a great way to bring colour in to the room and will be one of the most memorable part of your day for your guests.


It is always fabulous for us as event planners to research the current trends for our engaged couples to be able to offer a current theming to their day.  After the recent snow fall where everything turned white it is absolutely lovely to see the rich colours that will dominate wedding days this year.  An absolute visual delight.

Why not chat to us about how we can transform your wedding in to a lush, vibrant paradise, incorporating these gorgeous hotly tipped trends.

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Bespoke, creative solutions for your event needs