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A massive warm Festival HQ welcome to Lydia May, who has kindly written us a Guest Blog, creating a checklist of simple points to enable you find that perfect guest outfit.


A warm and loving welcome to 2018, a year which I have high hopes for. One of my favourite elements of a new year is grasping new opportunities and new beginnings. Admittedly, weddings are one of my favourite beginnings of each year. Whether it be watching the ‘I do’s’ in a film, admiring someones Youtube segment or best of all, up close and personal on the big day. Weddings are a celebration, which is magical for everyone.


Now, with wedding season in full swing, it is important to plan your outfit ahead and know your style. Safe to say there are a couple of rules which are only polite to follow when attending a wedding, following the likes of don’t wear white, always carry tissues, comfy heels are a given, nothing above the knee but also nothing with irregular hemlines that risk an unwanted peekaboo. The list goes on. The key to dressing for a wedding is knowing your style, by identifying what colours suit you and what style works for your shape, the process becomes a whole lot easier. That doesn’t mean don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone though. Google’s answers to ‘What to wear to a wedding?’ responds with a list of articles or brands listing dresses. I love dresses, but there is a whole lot more to offer than just ‘dresses’.  I cannot be alone in admitting playing dress up is one of the BEST parts when shopping for a special occasion. Occasion shopping is a lot more driven that normal shopping… its not like Sainsburys where you can just throw some extra biccys in your basket and nobody will notice. Its specific, its important and its price tag sits a little higher than those £1 digestives on offer.



I have divided my three best tips for wedding shopping along with a lovely selection of outfit choices which will carry you through the wedding season. Lets see what I've come up with hey!


1.  Look what’s in front of you.

This tip dates way back to when you received your wedding invitation. Be sure to analyse the invite and extract any hints or clues on the dress code, whether it’s in the city or a church, there will always be limitations on what to wear. This point is totally relevant to you picking that outfit.  Details includes the height of your heels (because nobody wants to be the first one on the dance floor bare foot), the length of your dress, the selective accessories and the attention to the wonderful day in front of you. 



2. Dare to bare.

Whilst weddings are a great opportunity to dress to the nines and show of those extra 3 pounds you’ve lost, be careful not to bare it all. Stick to more elegant and simple features like a backless dress, one armed jumpsuit or a crochet midi dress. Avoid revealing too much (or drinking too much), weddings are all about remaining tasteful and classy.


26772158_10155377685239779_578219688_o copy.jpg

3. Sins.

Saving the best till last, since for once in your life, it’s not all about you! Do not wear white or something ivory unless you want to be mistaken as a member of the wedding party. I personally think its a great idea to choose more bold colours, perhaps something with a pattern - play it safe and remain elegant.


And a final side note, don't choose anything too tight… be practical and save space for a huge helping of wedding cake.


A massive thanks to Lydia for her Blog.  


Why not check out her website for more fashion inspo and life thoughts.

Coming soon, we have more guest blogs about male grooming, flowers, nails, hair and many more.  Watch this space...

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Bespoke, creative solutions for your dream wedding. 

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