The Bridal Lounge


Recommended and trusted friend

Here at Festival HQ we have built up a list of tried and trusted suppliers.  We are delighted to introduce The Bridal Lounge, a Cheshire boutique with a stunning array of dresses designed to cater for every Bride's dream

Hi, My name is Sara and I am the owner of The Bridal Lounge, a luxury bridal boutique in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.

I was delighted to be asked by Rachel to write some content for the Festival Events and Planning team blog,  having recently met the team, I am loving their energy and enthusiasm for what they are doing! It always fun to work with passionate and professional people.


The Bridal Lounge is not simply a gown destination – we are an industry trendsetter founded on a vision: to offer each bride-to-be inspiration and information about all things bridal, along with the most exceptional customer experience.


From the moment you enter our boutique, you will feel as if you are in a fairytale. Every lovely detail of your experience is the top priority of your own personal consultant.  Our team want you to discover the bridal gown that makes you feel beautiful inside and out. As you browse our couture wedding gowns, bridal dresses and jewelry your stylist will pay close attention to your vision and will ultimately guide you in choosing the most important article of clothing you will ever wear.

Your creative spirit is enhanced during your appointment with the wealth of resources and recommendations your bridal fashion expert has to share with you. Our greatest joy is to help each of our lovely brides have the wedding of her dreams.

When it comes to shopping for your gown we advise you to come with an open mind.  However, being open minded about the style of the gown is not the only thing to be open to.  Gown shopping is a very surreal experience.  Brides sometimes spend months looking up different styles and designers before the first appointment. This can be a great thing, the process can help narrow down the look you want to achieve on your wedding day.  However, as a bride you need to be open to any gown you fall in love with.   Also, be open to the possibility of finding your gown on the first appointment. Allow yourself to fall in love with the gown the first time.


When shopping for your wedding gown, make sure that you say yes to the right dress. Don’t be afraid to say yes to THE DRESS. Many end up with a completely different gown than originally imagined.  If you fall in love with a ballgown and never want to take it off then that may be your gown.  Do not get to attached to a preconceived notion of the dream gown.  These thoughts and ideas can get in the way of what you really want.  You should not let an image in your head get in the way of the right gown for you.

The process should be fun, don't accept pressure from friends or family, learn to listen to your own voice and focus on how a gown makes you “feel”. There may not be tears, it doesn’t happen for everyone but when you know it’s the right gown you will feel like you never want to take it off!

I adore seeing brides experience this feeling, its a complete joy!


Sara and the Team 


22 Warrington Rd,

01606 888766

A massive thank you to Sara for writing a blog for us here at Festival HQ.

Why not check out their beautiful website on: and ask us about the special privileges Sara and her team give to Festival Events and Planning Clients.  Always an open door and a glass of fizz on the go!



Rachel Farrington-Allen