Winter Wonderland 50th



Rachel and Lara are amazing - they came up with inspirational ideas for my Christmas themed birthday party in June - not the easiest task sourcing Christmas decorations, Christmas stilt walkers, Christmas trees and Christmas themed food in the summer but they did it! They worked tirelessly project managing before the event, setting everything up and then a clear up service afterwards. I would recommend them to anyone and will definitely be using their services again! Thank you again for making my birthday party such a success!
— Jo

When we first met Jo and her lovely family became clear that they have a love of Christmas because it brings their family together.  So when Jo turned 50, she decided that it was time to have a Christmas celebration, in June!


Guests were greeted by Christmas Stilt Walkers from our friends at Pastiche and a white carpet to take them round the side of the house to where the party began.


The back decking of the house was raised by Acton Marquees, to extend over the newly laid lawns and a bespoke marquee erected with black starlit backdrops.  A black LED dancefloor was installed and the whole entrance, marquee, dining room and bar room was white carpeted to give that snowy effect.  


Music was provided by our gorgeous friend Rory at Bloomsbury Music, with an Electric Violinist on arrival, playing Christmas songs, a mobile Saxophonist and Percussionist travelling around the room during the DJ set.  The DJ had a smaller booth in the bar area to play to a smaller audience at the end of the evening.

Props were brought in from a Leeds based Prop Hire company to complete the look of the marquee and we manufactured 25 metres of bespoke Christmas swagging to line the top of the wooden cladding in the bar room, complete with personalised decorations by our very own Sam Curran at Crave Engrave.


Finishing touches included things such as sparkers, lanterns, real feel snowballs (which actually did crunch) and a cocktail board.


Our good friend Myles Smethurst provided the Christmas themed, gluten free food (the birthday girl is gluten intolerant), staffing his part of this event, and the beautiful Jane Reilly at Confetti & Crumbs, provided the sweet treats table for us, including Christmas themed cake pops, a strawberry Christmas tree and a personalised cookie tree for our special birthday girl, a massive hit with the guests and particularly, Jo's youngest son.


The Client also ordered a Christmas tree vodka luge, ski guest book, toilet for guests, full bar service and a lot of gin from family friend Rory, who runs a local bar service company.

You might think that a toilets a strange thing to hire when you are partying at home, but what hiring does is enables you to keep your house fresh and someone else has the responsibility of clearing up any mess left by partygoers.  We use Waterloo Hire who provided the Snowdonia with separate ladies and gents toilets.





We provided umbrellas in a coat stand because the build up had been awful weather wise.  Thankfully they were not needed at all as you can see from the blue sky surrounding the stilt walkers, aside from to protect a beautiful dress from a Prosecco shower later in the evening.


The collaboration on this event was massive and one of the most important elements of our job is the project management of all of the suppliers on the day and afterwards.  This is why we were so thrilled to receive Jo's review.  We always make sure that the day after, the Client is happy with the way their property is left and can provide a full clean up crew if needed.

We are so looking forward to the next challenge that Jo and her family give us!